"I'm thrilled that Spirits Over Time and Oceans is available for sale at the Wild Island Gallery, Salamanca, as both my story and the Gallery are committed to celebrating and protecting Tasmania's wild places."

(March 2023)

Suzanne finds her book Spirits Over Time and Oceans on the shelf at Hobart's iconic Fullers Bookshop (February 2023) 

Suzanne is the author of novel Spirits Over Time and Oceans (published by Echo Books, 2023) which brings Goddess Artemis (Goddess of the Wilderness) into contemporary times. The story crosses generations and time, from a mysterious sea cavern in Delos, Greece to the turbulent Derwent River whaling days of 1838 to modern times in Battery Point and subantarctic Macquarie Island in the Southern Ocean.  The story gathers momentum as heroine Delia must gather her all resilience and journey on a spiritual quest to battle dark forces to save nature.


"I think the story has something for every reader.  If you like a bit of spooky, a love story, a spiritual quest, resilience, Tasmanian history, wild scenery and art, and want to be taken on a rollercoaster ride through time, to the ends of the earth, to the deepest oceans and way beyond the stars ... then this book is for you!"


Spirits Over Time and Oceans can be purchased from iconic Hobart bookshop Fullers, the Wild Island Gallery Salamanca, and the Beach Newsagency Lower Sandy Bay, or online via Echo Books.  The following link takes you to all the online retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and more:


Goodreads reviews:


"A beautifully written, heartfelt novel that was a joy to read.  A perfect blend of thrill, intrigue and the supernatural.  This gripping story had me cheering Delia on from the beginning to end, following her turmultuous journey through time, following her path to true destiny.  What a great debut novel for Suzanne King!"  Emma


"An intriguing imaginative story that has it all.  A mysterious rollercoaster with twists and turns that will shock, gripping suspense, romance and the supernatural.  With a deep underlying message to recapture and inspire our mindful appreciation for the amazing diversity and magnificence of our world."  Lindy


"I loved this gripping story of young Delia as I followed her quest on a spiritual journey to overcome evil.  Gripping, fast paced, I was kept spellbound as the story unfolds with unexpected twists and turns, set in Tasmania that makes it utterly impossible to put the book down!  Highly recommended."  Robyn