Suzanne King  is a passionate wellbeing writer, author and reiki natural energy practitioner based in lutruwita / Tasmania. All facets of her life revolve around a central theme, to be kind to others and our beautiful planet, and to protect precious wild places.  These themes are easily recognisable in her quarterly Healing Hearts e-magazine editions and her novel Spirits Over Time and Oceans (eco-fiction / supernatural genres).


Suzanne graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Double Major in Politics and Policy, and Criminology.  She has also studied and practiced reiki natural energy healing since 1999 and it is this gentle Japanese complementary healing modality and her love of nature which underpins her writing and healing work.


Suzanne's Mission

  1. To be kind to others and our beautiful planet.
  2. To create writing which enhances our bond with nature.
  3. To raise awareness that reiki natural energy healing should be a normal part of standard health care, providing comfort to patients and complementing the work of medical practitioners.


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