Reiki Natural Energy Practitioner

Suzanne is one of the few Reiki VII Practitioners in Australia and operates a professional practice, Reiki Energy for Life, at 86 Hampden Road, Battery Point.  She is passionate about introducing clients to the benefits of this gentle, Japanese complementary healing modality.


Suzanne expresses her gratitude to her reiki Grandmaster Sir Gary Samer (Knighted by the Order of St John in recognition of his extensive work in the field of natural health).  Meeting her Grandmaster was a life-changing event in 1999, and that meeting has led to her studies and practice of the Seven Level System of Reiki ever since.


Through her healing and writing work, Suzanne seeks for this complementary healing modality to be used not only in self-care and in professional practices, but also within clinical settings.  In particular, she advocates for reiki to become part of standard health care, complementing the work of medical practitioners to ease pain and suffering.


"It is heartening to know that reiki practitioners now work in hospitals across the United Kingdom and over 800 hospitals in America.  Reiki practitioners are working in palliative care, oncology and cardiology wards and many other clinical settings.  You can even have a reiki practitioner accompany you into surgery in New York!  Unfortunately though Australia is a long way behind in recognising reiki as a complementary modality within hospitals, palliative care and other health care environments.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if patients could get access to reiki when they need it most.  I sincerely hope Australia adopts the medical models which are available overseas."


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