Wellbeing Writer

Suzanne is the founder, writer and editor of Healing Hearts quarterly e-magazine which features interviews and science related articles on diverse healing, consciousness and wellbeing topics.  The magazine is designed to help increase the health, happiness and wellbeing of the community and provide a greater understanding of reiki natural energy healing.  Editions also feature a strong nature philosophy theme, including interviews with experts and writing aimed at honouring our natural wild places, building a picture as to how nature supports our wellness.


The magazine was founded in 2021 and is distributed free of charge to an ever increasing and loyal readership and has attracted many complimentary messages of support.  Distribution is across a wide audience including emergency first responders, psychologists, holistic practitioners and Suzanne's reiki clients.  


For full versions of all magazines refer to Reiki Energy for Life, Natural Therapy Pages.


Noting:  The April 2024 edition is the last in this series to provide Suzanne an opportunity to recalibrate, follow her dream of teaching reiki and undertake community projects. .


Healing Hearts Editions

April 2024

Theme:  Positive Legacies for the Future

Jan 2024

Theme:  Beauty of Retreating

Oct 2023

Theme:  Making Dreams a Reality

July 2023

Theme:  Healthy Habits of a Lifetime

April 2023

Theme:  How nature supports our wellness and celebrating the centenary of reiki 

Jan 2023

Theme:  Training the brain to cultivate happiness

Oct 2022

Theme:  Wellness opportunities on kunanyi

Jul 2022  

Theme:  How creativity supports positivity

Apr 2022

Theme:  Healing the throat chakra

Jan 2022

Theme:  Nourishing mind, body and spirit

Oct 2021

Theme:  Mindful breathing and shinrinyoku forest bathing

Jul 2021

Theme:  How nature supports wellness 

April 2021


Theme:  Inaugural edition - connectedness and      healing from different perspectives


April 2024 edition (on positive legacies for the future):

-  Annabelle Sweetman, Tasmanian Land Conservancy

-  Celebrated Tasmanian visual artist and poet, Ron C. Moss

-  Cholpon Tabyldieva, Red Cross Connected Women - Legacies from the Land of the Snow Leopard

-  Karen Angarita, Building Communities of Care the Colombian Way

-  Camila Vieira - Brazilian Legacies of Love

-  Diana Flores - a Honduran Perspective of Being Humanitarian and Spreading the Spirit of Kindnes

January 2024 edition (on the beauty of retreating):

-  Dr Ben Arthur, Co-Founder and Co-Director, Macquarie Island Conservation Foundation

-  Kelly Smyth, Co-Founder, The Healing Space, Cygnet and Shamanic Practitioner

-  Vivienne Cole, Creative Visionary, France

-  Naomi Lawrence, former Conservation Biologist

October 2023 edition (on making dreams a reality):

-  Averill Lawler, Landscape Artist - painting seascapes of lutruwita/Tasmania

-  Helen Rowley, Paramedic/Reiki III Master

-  Emma Holman, Diving Instructor/Underwater Photographer, winner 'Australian Dive Shot of the Year'

-  Katherine Street, Career & Leadership Coach

July 2023 edition (on healthy habits of a lifetime):

-  Dr Jason Hawrelak, World Gastrointestinal Health Educator and Gut Microbiome Specialist

-  Dr Andrew Bradbeer, Sleep Specialist, Manse Medical Clinic

-  Lyn Gibson, State Manage, Breastscreen Clinical Services

April 2023 edition (on nature supporting our wellness):

-  Dr Jennifer Sanger, Forest Ecologist and Co-Founder The Tree Projects

-  Nigel Richardson, Photographer and Convenor of Taroona Environment Network

-  Ron C. Moss, Mountains and Rivers Zen and Volunteer Fire-Fighter

-  Silvana Smillie, Intrepid Traveller and lover of Coningham Nature Recreation Area

January 2023 edition (on training the brain to cultivate happiness):

-  Alice Hansen, Wild Wellness Method

-  Paul Kelly, Finding Happiness Amidst Adversity

-  Ivan Zwart, Finding Happy Ground

October 2022 edition (on wellness opportunities on kunanyi):

-  Craig Doumouras on the art of waterfall hunting

-  Piet Blokker, Stay Koel - Cold Water Therapy and Wim Hof Breathing Expert

-  Andy Crawford, Walk on kunanyi

- Jono Stagg, Hobart Mountain Bike Tours

July 2022 edition (on creativity supporting positivity):

-  Kate Tenni, Sensorimotor Art Therapist

-  Pete Mattila, Blacksmith - Forging Masterpieces on the banks of the Derwent

-  Phillip McKay, Hobart Art Gallery

-  Anna Berger, Tasmanian Artist and Storyteller

-  Nick McShane, Master Recycler

April 2022 edition (on healing the throat chakra):

-  Helen Todd, Musical Director, Tonic Choir

-  Sangita, Mountain Mindfulness

January 2022 edition (on nourishing mind, body and spirit):

-  Bec Eldridge, Naturopath, Herbalist & Nutritionist

-  Helen Cushing (Swami Ahimsadhara Saraswati)

October 2021 edition (on mindful breathing):

-  Carolyn Baker, Clinical Psychologist

-  Brooke Allen, Integrated Massage & Eastern Therapy Specialist

July 2021 edition (on nature supporting our wellness):

-  Stuart Barry, Environmentalist, Philanthropist and former member Tasmanian Land Conservancy

-  Fiona Weaver, Wild Island Women Adventure Company

-  Andy Lang, Psychic Medium

April 2021 edition (on connectedness and healing from different perspectives):

-  Helen Rowley, Profile of a Paramedic and Reiki Practitioner

-  Alan Clark, Professional Palmist

-  Cassandra Knight, Clairvoyant

-  Carolyn Gruppetta, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist